World Class Marriage

WCM button v1Every couple experiences “issues” in their relationship.  But there is no need to search for a new spouse.  Couples can create the relationship they have always wanted with the partner they already have.

So claims the new-kid-on-the-block in marriage education, World Class Marriage. The program empowers couples with insights, tools, and practical steps to reach a new level of intimacy, understanding, and vitality. In a nutshell, it’s a program “for couples who want more.”

World Class Marriage teaches love-building tools such as the “7 deadly marriage poisons successful couples avoid,” “the 3 conditions that allow you to grow individually,” in and “the 16 pillars that foster trust, closeness, and caring.” A few of the pillars are “Giving up ‘Tit for Tat,’” “Handling Hot Topics,” and “Nurturing the Honeymoon.”  WCM cover-1

The workshops are based off of a self-help book for married couples published in 2002 written by authors, relationship trainers, and spouses, Patty Howell and Ralph Jones.

Harville Hendricks, Ph.D., touted as “Oprah’s favorite therapist,” author of Getting the Love You Want and co-founder of Imago Relationship Therapy says that “World Class Marriage has wisdom that will help every relationship flourish – with your spouse, family, coworkers, friends.”

Across California, many family and relationship organizations have held the workshops with positive response. In Fresno, CA a World Class Marriage workshop was held with several hundred couples in attendance.  Ron McClain, director of the event, said, “It was an eye opener to couples, realizing they haven’t had these skills before” and that “people left with a bounce in their step.”

WCM event 8_22_09004The workshops have also found success in Hispanic, Korean, and African American communities throughout the state. David D’Leon, director of the San Diego-based Hispanic organization Happy Families, states, “The Latino community loves World Class Marriage. It is a great way to start with marriage education. In the workshops they talk about marriage, talk about the differences between the men and women, and they identify themselves with the curricula.”

The World Class Marriage Workshop is interactive and entertaining; giving couples a unifying alternative to literature and therapy.  One class attendee stated,” I really enjoyed the mix of listening, individual, group and couple interactions…the combination of activities was engaging and enjoyable.”

Find a workshop near you
, grab your spouse and attend a World Class Marriage class.


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