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Community Leaders and ME Advocates are Latest Winners of $1000 From CHMC!

Pastors are known for their charitable gifts of time and energy to help their communities; you don’t hear much about their receiving gifts, but in this case, Pastor Bryan Harris and his wife Kelly are the latest couple to win $1000 in the California Healthy Marriages Outcome Evaluation drawing. The Harrises were excited to hear that simply by spearheading something to help marriages in their church and filling out the CHMC outcome evaluation form they received this exciting win.

The Harrises have attended many marriage seminars and classes before but Kelly Harris reports: “This class (Mastering the Mysteries of Love–MML) has been the one with the most impact on my life. We learned skills that taught us how to communicate with each other in ways that we had never experienced before. (MML) taught us about the importance of non-verbal messages and how they can hurt your spouse.” The Harrises attended MML through their church, Emmanuel Temple.

Kelly and Bryan also really appreciated how much the class helped other couples open up to each other. Kelly said: “It was powerful to see all the issues that couples were facing such as the chaos that comes with babies being born and financial crises, yet the couples were working through those tough issues together. Older couples were also helping the younger ones with their own stories of how the skills helped them. It was a meaningful experience for us to discuss these pressing issues and help each other.” Pastor Harris loved the class so much that he will also be bringing the skills to the singles ministry.

The Harrises will have been married for 14 years in February and have two children. Of the win, Kelly said, “We will use our winnings to pay off some bills and it is coming at a perfect time.”

CHMC supports many quality relationship-building classes. To find out more information about Mastering the Mysteries of Love and other great classes, go to http://www.camarriage.com.

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