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Hispanic Couples Flock to World Class Marriage

Connecting Marriage Education with the Hispanic community is a challenge.

“The English-speaking community is more used to going to conferences with a workbook and pen. With the Hispanic community, they want something fun and fast-paced,” says David D’Leon, minister, husband for 30 years, and Executive Director of Happy Families, a San Diego-area family strengthening organization.

After searching and researching, D’Leon has found what he thinks is the winning ticket. “I’ve read a lot of books trying to find a curriculum. With World Class Marriage, I think it covers concepts from The Five Love Languages and Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus all in one.  And since World Class Marriage teaches couples 16 pillars of a healthy relationship, each one is basically like its own book.”  In 2002 World Class Marriage was translated into Spanish, and has been translated in ten different languages.

Happy Families has been holding World Class Marriage/Matrimonio de Clase Mundial workshops since 2008.  The brand new organization has already served more than 1,250 Hispanic couples and has no plans to slow down anytime soon. In order to accommodate the lively culture, David says, “Our workshops are very, very active. We all work together to get a better marriage for everyone. There’s examples, jokes, laughter.  It’s an experience everyone remembers.”

All types of couples and families have attended the workshops: young and seniors, relationships in distress, happily married couples, dating and engaged coupples, and even singles.  Alba Jose who recently completed the workshop states, World Class Marriage changed me. I saw things in my relationship from a different perspective. It brought light to and it opened up a better understanding about my where my husband is coming from. That’s for sure.”

D’Leon seems to have overcome the challenge because the Hispanic community is attending his Marriage Education programs in droves.


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