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Fresno Couple Begin as ME Participants, Progress to ME Teachers, and Win $1000.

John & Mal 3Stop the presses!  How did Marriage Education (ME) teachers win the Outcome Evaluation drawing for $1,000?

Well, these teachers, John and Maryalice Pickens of Fresno, first learned about Marriage Education from the Healthy Marriage Coalition of Fresno/Madera County (HMCFMC).   “My husband and I were on the verge of divorce,” said Maryalice.  “We wanted to do everything possible to save our marriage. We attended a class and it was so good we wanted to go to more classes. It has worked wonders for my marriage!”  After the class was over they submitted the outcome evaluation form to California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC).

The first program the Pickens’ attended was a Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML) class.  “After taking MML, our relationship became much more intimate and connected. My husband and I have learned to really listen and understand each other. We made a complete turn around in our marriage.” Maryalice and her husband, John have benefited so much from Marriage Education that they thought the next logical step was to teach it to others. Logo_REVISED

HMCFMC helped the Pickens through the process of getting the training they needed to become MML Facilitators.  “First we thought this class could help other couples at our church, then we realized couples everywhere would benefit from this class so we began teaching for HMCFMC.  In our last class we had a couple reconcile their marriage.  It feels good when we can impact the lives of others.” said Maryalice.

The Pickens’ will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year. They plan to use their $1,000 winnings to help fund their trip! CHMC supports many quality relationship-building classes.

To find out more information about Mastering the Mysteries of Love and other great classes taking place in California, go to CaMarriage.com.

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