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Bay Area Sibs Win Big Because of OE!

Thanks to the generosity of CHMC’s newest Outcome Evaluation prize chmc-oe-winner-markus-buergi-winner, Markus Buergi, his kids will be enjoying a very special birthday this year! Buergi said that the $1,100 Wal-Mart gift card he won through CHMC’s OE “big prize” drawing will be used to lavish his kids with exceptional gifts that they normally wouldn’t be able to buy. He will also use some of the winnings to give back to his church by purchasing supplies for the congregation.
Markus Buergi - Mastering the Mysteries of LoveMarkus and his wife heard about Marriage Education when CHMC Master Trainer Bento Leal was promoting the course called Mastering the Mysteries of Love at his church. “We were really excited to go to the class because we consider marriage one of the most important building blocks of our society.” Buergi said the class offered so much information that it kept the couple very engaged.

“The best part of it for me was the sheer excitement that the pastoral couple who taught the class had for the material. They were so inspirational and they really helped us understand why Marriage Education is so important for our society,” said Buergi. “The teachers really kept the class unified even though it was a very diverse class. It was very exciting!”

The Buergis have been married for 14 years and have two children. Markus believes one of the most important things you can do for your children is to show them how to have a really loving and supportive marriage so they will know how to have strong relationships when they grow up.

Buergi got a lot more out of the class then he expected.
“The MML class gave me strategies to train myself in communicating better, especially to listen better to my wife and others. At the time I attended the 8-week class, I was job searching full time and really didn’t spend much time sitting down and talking with my wife, who wasn’t able to attend the class because she was at home taking care of our 4 young children. The class woke me up to the power of listening. The follow-up (OE) questionnaires have also been helpful as reminders to me, helping me do a lot of self-reflection on how I’ve been doing lately with my communicating.
The main point of all this is that I’ve learned that no matter how busy or pressured I am in my work and life it’s important for me to focus on my relationship–my communication–with my wife. “

CHMC supports many quality relationship-building classes throughout California. To find out more information about Mastering the Mysteries of Love and other great courses, go to www.CaMarriage.com.

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