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El Dorado Hills Couple Enhances Communication and Wins Family Vacation!


Desiring to enrich their marriage and enhance their communication, Roberta and Steve Kubes enrolled in a Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML) class held at a local church in El Dorado Hills.  By participating in the California Healthy Marriages Coalition’s Outcome Evaluation survey during the class, the Kubeses won the raffle drawing and received $1,000 cash, which allowed them to take a family vacation to Santa Barbara with their children!

Offered through the Healthy Marriage Project of Greater Sacramento, MML is an interactive, hands-on Marriage Education program that spotlights ten essential relationship skills that change how people listen, talk, solve problems, and relate to one another.  Through live demonstrations, teaching, and skills coaching, Roberta and Steve learned skills that have helped them build trust and work as a team to enhance their relationship.

Roberta reports that the class helped them realize that they were not alone in seeking to improve their marriage.  According to Roberta, “There are always other people who have the same issues,” and now the Kubeses have skills that help them work through those issues successfully.

For the Kubeses and many other graduates of Mastering the Mysteries of Love, the communication skills they learned extend benefits beyond the marriage relationship.  Roberta says her improved communication skills enable her to “connect with others in a more understanding way,” and as a result, others have begun to view her differently.  “The greatest parts of the course for me”, says Roberta, “were the demonstration videos.  They were great!”  Roberta’s only complaint?  She wishes the 16-hour MML class had been longer!

Mastering the Mysteries of Love classes are occurring throughout California.  Find a class near you at http://www.camarriage.com.

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