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Couple Builds Their Marriage & Wins $1,100 to Build Their Home

CHMC VP Patty Howell presents Karen and Tim Jobe with $1,100 prize

CHMC VP Patty Howell presents Karen and Tim Jobe with $1,100 prize


Married for 36 years, Karen and Tim Jobe stepped in to the World Class Marriage workshop in San Diego hoping to gain insights that would provide new direction for their struggling marriage.  They walked out with the insights they had hoped for, plus a cash prize of $1,100 at Home Depot!


Offered in partnership by the San Diego North County Latino Marriage and Family Resource Center and the California Healthy Marriages Coalition, the workshop teaches “16 Pillars” of a World Class Marriage, which are built upon the foundation of empathy, acceptance, and genuineness.  The course covers the skills of empathic listening, non-blameful confrontation, win-win conflict resolution, plus skills for avoiding blame, handling hot topics, love languages, and commitment.


According to Karen, before taking World Class Marriage, the couple’s 36-year long marriage had fallen upon hard times.  “When we went to that workshop,” she says, “I was ready to walk out.  I was committed to the relationship, but I just did not know what direction to go next.” 


By the end of the two-day workshop, the Jobes had new hope for their relationship and had learned skills to make good on that hope.  “It amazed me how quickly we could go from feeling completely hopeless to feeling like we had the key to moving on with our marriage and making the effort to make it work.  Taking this class helped us to know that if we really want to have a great marriage, we can do it!” says Karen. 


The Jobes credit the World Class Marriage workshop with improving their communication skills and giving the pair a newfound sense of clarity, direction and purpose for their relationship.  Learning better communication skills has helped the Jobes to feel more comfortable speaking up about their feelings without the fear of causing painful conflict.  They even posted the “Defective Communication Tools” handout from the class in their home, saying, “Having it there helps us to realize when we’re using harmful communication patterns, and also allows us to use humor when that happens, because we can go to the list and catch ourselves.” 


What really impressed this couple about World Class Marriage was the “universality of what was presented.”  According to the Jobes, the skills taught in the class are valuable to any couple, “whether you are someone like us who had been married for 36 years, or 20 years, just married, or engaged.  [We] wish a class like this would have been available earlier in our marriage.” 


In addition to learning the skills to better succeed in their marriage, the Jobes also entered into a prize drawing by completing Outcome Evaluation surveys for the California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC).  CHMC’s Outcome Evaluation study is the first broad, statewide evaluation of Marriage Education programs, and studies the comparative effectiveness of different programs.  The Jobes chose their $1,100 Home Depot gift certificate from four available prizes.  Other prize options include $1,000 cash, $1,100 at Walmart, or a 43” High-Definition TV.

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